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Top 5 best PPSSPP games for Android

PPSSPP is a popular emulator being used and loved by million of users. Nowadays, its games for mobile platform are becoming popular. It is available for Android, Windows and IOS platforms. You come play any PSP games by using this emulator. If you have an Android mobile, you can download this emulator from Google Play Store. If you have windows and iPhones, then you can download this emulator from their app stores.

The lots of games were made for PPSSPP. If you want to know about the best games for PPSSPP, I have a list of top 10 best PPSSPP games:

Top 5 best games for PPSSP emulator:

1. Tekken 6

Tekken 6 is a very popular game that are loved by many gamers. But this game can  ony be played on high end devices that have vulkan support for a smooth, lag-free experience while playing the game. Overall graphics of the game depends on your mobile's GPU and Ram. It have many features that makes it no. 1 on the list of Top 5 best PPSSPP games for Android.

2. God of War: Chains of olympus

God of War: Chains of olympus is also a very popular game. It is very addictive game. It is the edition of god of War game series. It is a third person video game was released by Sony computer entertainment. This is the fourth installment in the god of War series. There are a number of weapons for fight. This game is similar to God of War: ghost of Sparta.

3. Gun showdown

Gun showdown is one of the best games for PPSSPP emulator. The graphics quality and sound quality is quite good. It is a TPS game but you also play FPS by do a simple settings. There are many weapons in this game like shotguns, bows, rifles and revolvers. Its view is in the wild west, where you have to take control of Colton and solve missions.

3. Tomb Raider legend

Tomb Raider legend is the best adventurous and full of action game for PPSSPP emulator. It is a very hard to complete this game because it is very difficult game. You have to use your full mind power to complete. This is the first tomb raider game that was developed by crystal dynamics, it is available on emuparadise.com. It runs smoothly. If you will faced lagging in game, you can try auto frame skipping option on PPSSPP settings.

4. WWE 2k17

WWE 2k17 is a MOD of wwe Smack down vs. Raw PPSSPP. It was made by Falcon Arrow. There are hundred thousand of videos on the YouTube about this game, because the game is very popular and millions of fans all over the world. The graphics of  games are impressive. It has features of single match, ladder match, steel cage match, extreme rules match, fatal four way, triple threat and many more. It also has a feature of Road to wrestlemania and its story line is quite impressive. Sometimes the game is lagging, you can fix it by frame skipping settings. You will be very happy while playing this game.

5. GTA vice city stories

GTA vice city stories is made by Rockstar games. It is the most recognisable franchise that developed a game for PPSSPP emulator. This is like the rest of other Rockstar games. It is an open world game. It has a big and good storyline. The graphics and sound of game is good but sometimes the game's sound become choppy. You can also play this game with your friends with the help of multiplayer mode, that seems very interesting. There are many guns such as snipers, bazooka and shotgun in this game. The size of game is approximately 800 MB.

So, that's the point where this article of "Top 5 best PPSSPP games for Android" ends. If you like this article, please share it to your friends.


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