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Android vs. Other mobile Operating system and how google is best

Android vs. Other mobile Operating system and how google is best

There are many mobile operating systems are available to use. Many mobile platform OS were developed to capture market share but failed to compete with android and not  being successful as much as Google's android has become. The Google's android beated them all.

Android OS

Android vs. Other mobile Operating system and how android beated them

As we all know that android is world's no. 1, most popular and best mobile operating system being used by billions of people worldwide. According to the stats of gs.statcounter.com/ the mobile operating system market share worldwide of android as of May, 2019 is 75.27% followed by IOS 22.74%. According to Bill gates, google is the king of the market. In this article, we will tell you about Android vs. Other mobile Operating system and how android beated them.

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Android vs. Other mobile Operating system and how google is best

  • Cyanogen OS

Cyanogen OS was based on custom ROM that was Cyanogen MOD. The persons who developed 'CyanogenMod' after some years started a company and developed cyanogen OS. It was advance android's version. 

The first mobile which comes with the cyanogen OS is Oppo N1. The YU televentures used this OS in their smartphones such as YU Yureka, YU Yuphoria etc. In 2016, the company becomes becomes bankrupt and cyanogen Mod ended.

But its community, made a custom ROM named "lineageOS" and is very popular custom ROM in this date.

  • KaiOS

Nowadays, KaiOS is on the way to becoming world's no. 3 mobile. KaiOS is developed for ulatra budget and lower end hardware devices that costs around $120 dollars. 

Mobile companies like Jio used this OS in their mobiles such as- Jiophone 1 and JioPhone 2. It is also being used in some Nokia mobiles. But because of a low end devices OS, it can't compete with Google.

  • Windows mobile OS

The first competition of Google's android was windows OS from Microsoft. But in today's date Microsoft set to discontinue windows  mobile OS and it suggests its users to switch to other mobile devices.

But in initial stage, It makes huge entry and did partnership with HTC, Samsung and Nokia to manufacture windows phone. But at that time google also entered the market and because google is open source software, it was user by many mobile companies.

It helps android to get developer support and helps to get large no. of Apps.

With time, maximum mobile companies started to use android and many users also starts prefering it over other OS because of its  better usability, variety of apps, updates and features. Windows tried to come back in market with Nokia but couldn't.

  • Bada

Have you ever heard about Bada? No? So, Bada is a special mobile OS that was developed by Samsung electronics. It was lunched in same year when Samsung S series phone was launched. It was very much similar to Google' android but that makes it look like a copy and was not fast, optimised as android and android had better features. 

So, users prefer android over it and shut downed in 2013 and developed the Tizen Os.

  • Tizen OS

Tizen OS is also a special OS and based on Samsung's touch based skin but it is dfully different internally. Samsung promoted Tizen Is in its Z series smartphones. The Samsung galaxy's gear watches also comes with Tizen OS. It couldn't support third party Apps. It couldn't grab users attention and failed in the market.

  • BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS was developed by BlackBerry who is a mobile company. It was very popular OS in first decade of 2000. When other mobile OS comes in the market, android and IOS started coming in touch screen mobile devices. So, BlackBerry also sated manufacturing touch screen mobile. 

But main problem was that the model and OS of BlackBerry was not that great and BlackBerry OS only comes with these devices. With the span of time, people shifted from BlackBerry OS to others. It was also discontinued in 2013.

  • UbunTu Touch

UbunTu touch was based on Linux based UbunTu OS for PC, but UbunTu touch was developed for smartphones. Its one of the best features is that it is also an open source operating system as Google's android. 

So, the community members from all over the world can customize and enhance the user experience. It also had desktop mode and many open source apps to offer. It couldn't become popular and mobile companies preferred Google's android over it.

  • Selfish OS

Selfish OS was developed by Yola company for their Yola mobiles. The best feature of this mobile OS is that it supports Android's .apk files and good in user interface and feel. The main problem fot selfish OS was that Yola being a small company couldn't promote selfish OS and couldn't make selfish OS to compete with Google's android. 

According to some reports, the Huawei's upcoming Ark OS would be based on Selfish OS.

Hope, you liked the article "Android vs. Other mobile Operating system and how google is best".
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