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Chromebooks vs.IPads

When it comes to medium-big screen portable devices for our working and entertainment purpose then there is only two choices we have to choose. Both of these have their own features, advantages and disadvantages. While IPads are very expensive, the Chromebooks are way cheap than them but being an Apple product, IPads provides best quality, security, updates and better customer services but only if you have enough money to buy them. On other hand, Chromebooks are less costly, provides better user experience, easy to use and android support. So, In this post we are discussing about which is best to buy according to your financial positions and requirements.

Chromebooks vs. iPads

Chromebooks vs.iPads
Chromebooks vs.iPads


A lot of schools are making choices about what devices to buy some of them are going one way some are going the other way. I've for a long time been a huge advocate for iPads and I still think iPads are great but they did want to take the opportunity and do a comparison of both just to see what works in what conditions. I think that the answer has to be connected at least to what do you exactly want your devices to do so when the first thing I want to talk about is the interface what I loved about the iPads from the get go is the fact that it had this touch interface that worked really really well that responded to everything you do you make things bigger you make things smaller everything with your hands and that's a fantastic interface especially useful when you're working with early childhood and students with disabilities.

Ways to access information

It gives them another way to access information that isn't necessarily connected to a keyboard that's great the other thing is of course working with Siri and using the voice interface to enter text or to do general operations on the device again a huge advantage to the iPad with the multiple ways you can input information, however Chromebooks are fantastic because they have an attached keyboard you don't have to buy an extra keyboard you don't have to worry about it you don't have to connect it with Bluetooth or anything else so you do retain that ability to have keyboard within keyboarding skills are important for kids to get and to get fluent with and if they're doing a significant amount of composing on the computer the keyboard seems to be a choice that a lot of people are making so that's that's one difference so on the interface in early childhood.

Age group

I would definitely go with iPads all the way to third or fourth grade but as kids get older and they need to do more composing a keyboard may be something you want to consider and again you can get keyboards for the iPads and they will work from a price perspective Chromebooks are cheaper and I do want to make sure that we we talk when we talk about a price we talk not just about price per unit but also how long units will last and I don't think we have enough information yet about Chromebooks.

Life expectancy

At least I don't anymore what I do know is I pads actually prove themselves a lot sturdier and lasting a lot longer than anybody expected and a life expectancy of about four years is perfectly fine.

I have iPads that old and they're working we use them in classrooms and they're working the only iPad that really didn't work for quite that long was the iPad one because they didn't have a camera and that was a huge jump in productivity but you can have them for a lot but for a very long time so that's a huge advantage and we again we don't know about the Chromebook so that I think is an advantage for the iPads right now and again when you're considering price you have to consider also how long will you be able to use it in accessibility really important accessibility especially for students with disabilities or students who speak other languages and both devices have some options but the built-in options in the iPads are considerably better they're reading everything that's on screen their ability to do it with voice the ability to use the accessibility options differentiating the touch interface and all of that are fantastic on the iPads.

 If you don't know all of this we did have an older episode that talked about all the accessibility options on the iPad so definitely go and look at that but I think there's a definite advantage to the iPads when working with students with disabilities and the next thing I want to talk about is the availability of apps so here it really depends on what you want to do there is a definite advantage to the iPads and to the Apple ecosystem when you talk about apps there's just more apps they work better and there's just more history behind them and there's just a huge diversity of apps in education if you look at our old iPad in the classroom in videos you see just how many are out there and we keep previewing new ones so there's a huge advantage to the iPads with educational apps.


However a Google does offer all of the Google Apps for Education which are really really nice they offer a fantastic platform do they work on the iPads yes but the we'll work better on the Chromebooks so you do have to consider that especially things like Google Earth will work a lot better on an on a computer or a Chromebook than it does on the iPad it works on the iPad and I love it on the iPad but it does function a little bit better on on a Chromebook or a computer so that's something to consider I love Google Earth so for me that's something that's really important you have to consider how much you're attached to Google Apps for Education that might swing you one way or the other the other advantage that a Google has is in login so login for Google is one login everything is open to you and that's really powerful and kids don't have to remember multiple passwords that's powerful on the iPad you would need to usually need a few other logins to specific apps or to the Apple ecosystem itself and then you would need one for Google if you're participating in Google Apps for Education and so that's definitely an advantage to the Chromebook a from a security perspective the Google universe is one thing but we do know that Apple is actually a lot more secure for a variety of reasons they ecosystem is a lot closer which makes everything that happens on it a lot more protected from a privacy perspective that's something to consider as well and finally mobility and projection a two device is very different.


You can take your Chromebook anywhere but you always need a flat surface and it really calls for a table whereas iPads are truly mobile you can take them anywhere you can take pictures with them you can take them to a visit to the zoo you can take them outside to an outside classroom and they're just as useful as they are in the classroom so here in mobility you really think is this something I want kids to use only at home and then in the classroom then the Chromebook would be fine I want them to be mobile and collect data in different ways then you definitely want to go with something like the iPad that can that can leave and come back and they can move between classrooms with with very little problems with it and while this projection right now works a lot better in the Apple ecosystem through Apple TVs and does not really work you can wire any of the the chromebooks but they don't just interface with a projection device in the classroom it's probably gonna come soon but we're not there yet so the bottom line is that it really depends on what you want your devices to do if you want true mobility the security and all of the apps you definitely go with the iPads if you're working with early childhood all the way to third grade.


I would say the iPads have a huge advantage once you cross that boundary or if you're really imagining just sit work whether at home or at school you definitely want to think about the Chromebooks.

So, his is our take on iPads versus Chromebook. If you like this article then please feel free to share.

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