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Common Health Ailments of Tech People And How to Fix Them

Common Health Ailments of Tech People And How to Fix Them

Across multiple fields, the more passionate tech people tend to be more focused on their work than their health. Work is a lot more interesting than health complaints among those wrapped up in their jobs. However, as more people in the country begin to work in the technology field, certain health ailments are beginning to crop up more frequently.

What are some of the health conditions on the rise among tech workers? What can you do to protect yourself?

1. Too Much Sitting

The health effects of spending too much of your life glued to a chair have been in the news recently. This is of particular concern to people who work in the technology field, as many of them work from desks. 18 studies with 800,000 participants all point to the same conclusion: sitting in your chair too much can take years off of your life.
Modern medicine has found sitting to increase risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and more. Upon hearing this news, you may feel powerless. If you are a technology professional working at a desk job, how can you help but sit down for most of your work day?

In fact, even standing up for just part of your day can make an enormous difference in your health. By getting up for even a two minute walk every couple of hours, you are keeping your body from becoming too settled in one position. This helps prevent the above conditions as well as improving your quality of life. If your desk job makes you stiff and achy, taking even a few small breaks can make you feel better.
Some professionals choose to invest in a convertible desk. These can be adjusted to accommodate you sitting as well as standing at work. Switching between the two positions is good for your health.

2. Stress

The workplace looks different today than it did even twenty years ago. As the number of Americans who work in technology jobs increases, so does stress at work. The deadlines, difficult problems, and social environments the technology field presents mean more Americans suffer from job stress than ever.

Stress can have a range of negative effects on your health. Insomnia, depression, pain, and magnesium deficiency are all common side effects of workplace stress.
While stress before a deadline is sometimes hard to avoid, treating the symptoms of stress where you can takes pressure off your body and mind. If stress causes your magnesium levels to drop, you’ll likely experience an amplification of your symptoms – muscle cramps, sleep trouble, and pain. According to Barrington Nutritionals, bone and cardiovascular health are just two of the potential benefits of keeping your magnesium levels high enough.

3. Eye Problems

If you’re staring into a computer screen all day, you may start to experience some trouble with your eyes. Headaches and temporary blurred vision can come from focusing too hard on your screen. While it’s common for your eyesight to deteriorate over time, using your eyes improperly at work can speed up the degeneration of your sight.

Be sure to see your eye doctor regularly to update your glasses prescription. You may also look into downloading an app to your computer that changes the screen brightness according to the time of day. This eases the strain on your eyes, and can even help you sleep better at night.


The technology field continues to grow, and more professionals enter the field every day. Keeping on top of potential health problems which come with your job can help you feel better every day.

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