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How big do you think wikipedia is in size by volumes?

It’s no big secret I’m a big fan of wikipedia. Not only is it free which in my book is the number one reason, but also it is truly an example of a great equalizer that the founders of the ‘new’ internet had hope to foster. Where else on earth or at any time in our civilization is the near sum total of our knowledge this freely available for the most humble of souls to leaders of superpowers. Each passing year sees this collection of knowledge grow in leaps and bounds. It is also a very democratic way of presenting the information. What becomes commonly excepted memes become embedded in the article as genuine facts. This is sometimes its’ downfall as anyone but specifically enough people with the wrong knowledge can pass that information to wikipedia as facts.
Below is that current stats for the collection:
- Nearly 3 million articles with about 8 billion characters
- Nearly 1000 volumes of wikipedia if printed in book form with one volume equaling 8 million characters.
That would be a lot of books for that poor sales person to haul around door to door. Especially if it comes in different colors.
I’ve been guilty of searching on wikipedia every time I am stumped or curious about something. It’s become an obsession of mine to go from one link to the next in each article to the point where I may start off looking for ways to keep my front yard tree alive to end up reading about the genocide in Rwandan.
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