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How to adjust browser’s cache memory

Browser’s cache memory is used to store temporary data like images and cookies by internet browsers during internet surfing to speed up page loading. The size of browser’s cache memory defines the space from your system’s drive which is dedicated for storing this kind of information. Larger cache size ensures that whatever page you want to load may be found in the cache memory of the browser and it save the time taken for downloading that image or data. It means elementary data like images or other information about the page may found in the memory this implies a faster surfing experience.

While on the other hand if the cache size is too large then it will take a long time to search the needed data. That may cause longer time to load page. So it is clear that for best performance browser’s cache memory should not be very small or very large, But how to set up this, here it is. Just follow this quick tutorial to learn how to setup size of a browser’s cache memory.

How to adjust a browser’s cache memory on different web browsers:

How to adjust browser’s cache memory
How to adjust browser’s cache memory

Here are the steps to adjust cache memory in Mozilla Fire Fox:

1) Go to Tools menu->Options.

2) In the new dialog box click “Advanced” tab.

3) In advanced tab go to “Network” sub tab. Here you will find an option “Override automatic cache management”.

4) Tick this option and set appropriate size of the cache.

5) Press ok.

Google Chrome:

Google chrome is most famous and widely used web browser. Majority of internet users prefer to use chrome web browser but actually there is no such option in Google chrome to adjust browser’s cache. But there is a command by which we can set browsers cache location as well.

Here are the steps to adjust cache memory in google chrome:

1) First go to the Google Chrome shortcut on desktop, right click and select “Properties” option.

2) In the shortcut tab of the properties dialog box find the target field.

3) In the target field go to the end of the line and after quote symbol type –disk-cache-dir=D:\cache to change cache directory and -–disk-cache-size=209800000 to change cache size. Cache size must be in bytes.

4) Press Apply then OK. That’s it your cache memory size for Google chrome has been changed and set to 200 MB.

Here are the steps to adjust cache memory in Internet Explorer:

1) Go to Tools-> Internet Options.

2) Under “Browsing History” In General tab press Settings button.

3) You may find “Disk space to use” option where you can set appropriate cache size.
4) Press OK then OK again to apply the settings and close the dialog box.

So, that' the end of this post of "How to adjust browser’s cache memory". Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Don’t forget to post your comments and feedback.
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