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How To Choose The Best Smartphone

Before you give your entire digital life to a smartphone, If you choose wrong, so you can look forward to frustration, helplessness and an urge to smash your new gadget into the asphalt. The advanced mobile peaking constant sales lists and it is almost impossible to walk the streets without constant ridicule people who are messing with the touch screens.

What is smartphone? smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone. Smartphones run complete operating system software providing a platform for application developers. The next level of mobile phones beyond smartphones have been called NirvanaPhones. Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices boasting powerful processors, abundant memory, larger screens, and open operating systems has outpaced the rest of the mobile phone market for several years.

If a smartphone has a clunky user interface that’s slow, unresponsive or just plain ugly, it’ll frustrate you within minutes, never mind over the term of the contract. To really fall in love with your smartphone, look for an interface that also looks great, with nice animations and fluid movement. The iPhone, HTC Hero and Palm Pre are all smartphones with superb looking interfaces. Sometimes choosing an interface with fewer flashy features leads to a more rewarding phone, simply because it’s more responsive. If you can’t do this, check YouTube to see a video of the interface in action, as still images just don’t do smartphone interfaces justice.

Choose the right capacitive touchscreen, Capacitive touchscreens work by transferring a small electrical charge from the screen to your finger and detecting the region where the charge is removed. Resistive screens use two extremely thin layers below the glass that are pressed together when the screen is touched. In practice we find capacitive screens, like the one used on the iPhone, to be more responsive, though recent resistive screens, like the Sony Ericsson Satio, have shown that well designed resistive displays can be nearly as responsive. Touchscreens demand that the icons are large enough to be pressed with a finger and well spaced enough to avoid accidentally pressing the icons beside it.

Different types of smartphones are designed for different types of people. Cell phone service providers around the world typically offer several smartphone options and tiers of service. Windows Mobile smartphones, a Windows Mobile smartphone is a good choice for many business users. There are many third-party applications that make Windows Mobile smartphones more versatile. Palm OS smartphones: Palm smartphones run the Palm OS.

Although program variety can be limited, many programs are award-winners. Palm OS is very stable and designed to run on devices with low processor speeds. Symbian smartphones: Although not the largest player in the U.S. market, Symbian is the most popular mobile OS around the world. Symbian smartphones come with email and Microsoft Office file viewers.
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