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Michael Jackson and technology

You may be wondering why a technology blog would write about Michael Jackson but anyone who has seen Captian EO at Disney theme parks can tell you; Michael Jackson loved technology. I went there to see it with my family in the late 80s and early 90s. It was a short 3D film that took what seemed like hours in line to see, but I came out of it in shock at the experience. I thought to myself, if I was not here now, there would have been no way for a person like me to have had such an experience like this in any town or country in this world…unless drugs were involved. It had lasers, smokes, and starfields that made me feel like I was flying through the universe. Even Michael knew that anything is better with lasers and 3D glasses (and not those cheap blue and red ones either). While the show is long gone, the impact it had on me lingers on for a kid growing up shooting his little brother with plastic laser guns and making paper spaceships. His music videos were also cutting edge. While Elvis and Sinatra had their share of the spotlight on TV, it was merely there to showcase their careers. Michael Jackson was shaped by TV and television was shaped by him. He was not just a person that need to be listened to, he had to be watched. From the outrageous dressing style to the moonwalk, one would be cheated from the whole experience if his music was their only source. One of my friends today pointed out a link to the studio that made his Thriller album, Westlake Recording Studios. Look at all those buttons to press!!
The day of his death, the sheer volume of people searching for him on the internet brought down the LA Time’s server for a short period. Editors of Wikipedia could not stop from deleting entries of his demise by legions of fans trying to update his biography. Wikipedia had to freeze his articles until they could confirm anything. Twitter was ablazed with 140 characters of blurbs with Jackson’s name in those small amount of characters. People were starting to say how they will remember that they were on Twitter when MJ died. The online consolances site, Legacy.com got swamped with people trying to leave entries in the guess book. I typed mine and when I went to see where it was, it was nearly 100 entries down even though I had just posted it. His videos on Youtube are being viewed by record amounts of people. Here are some that I like best (Look at that cute kid full of confidence in the second video).
Also, not many pop icons can say they have their own trojan horse / spyware. Michael jackson did. Within minutes of his death he is on amazon’s top mp3 list. I bet Steve Job is sitting there rubbing his hands together like Montgomery Burns over the potential iTune sales.
I can’t help but feel sad and happy at the same time about this. It is sad that he is only able to find peace in death, but I am happy to have heard his music and to know that his talent will leave a mark on millions of fans. If only he can see the outpouring of love for him at this time. He is my generation’s Elvis Presley. Rest in peace.
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