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Now you can bring your Desktop Anywhere!

Now you can bring your Desktop Anywhere!

Gone are the days where we used to store files in our floppy disks. When I was growing up in the computer world, I was exposed to the 5.25 inch version for storing files. You can see nerds going around campus swapping these things as if they hold the secret to everyone in the campus. But you well know that these disks can only store 5-10 MS Office Files. Then we got stuck with the 3.5 diskette. It’s smaller and can store more files but it get so corrupted most of the time, you can’t really store information in there for a very long time. There are some who still uses them but purely for transporting very small files.

Then there’s the USB Flask Drive, a great addition to your set of wares as this thumb like gadget has 2GB of memory and even more. Now, there’s something in the internet that can give you the capacity of bringing your files everywhere, without the flash disks. Even better, you can practically work on your office files right in the web, in real time. I know there are lots of online tools there but this one’s different since it gives you the capacity to create files, store them in a particular folder and go back to it whenever you need it…all of these are done online. These online softwares are called Webtops. Webtops are short for Web Desktops. Everything that you see on your desktop right now can literally be transported to your Webtops. If you still got the patience to read on J here they are:


The first time I used AjaxWindows was two months ago and it was a fair start for something really useful. To start with AjaxWindows you need to create a new Gmail account. Your new Gmail account will serve as your hard drive. That means, you have more than 3GB worth of memory. If you ask me, that’s already awesome considering that this web tool can be used mainly for office productivity. Once you have a new Gmail account, sign up for their services and link the Gmail account to their software. Don’t worry, they will ask you for your Gmail account before proceeding to use the program. In this web tool you can create documents and presentations, just like MS Office and PowerPoint. What I like in this program though is the ability to synch some of your files in your computer. Remember that 3GB memory from Gmail? All your files will be deposited in that e-mail. You can also access your Gmail account and work from there. Now about the Synch, when you click on the synch button, you can upload your files from your hard drive to your virtual hard drive. You can also upload folders and watch them upload. For now the upload speed is really slow but if you’re patient enough, you can even synch your Desktop Image to your Webtop. That’s the downside of this online tool. It could get really slow if you’re uploading folders.


This program is very simple compared to AjaxWindows. All it has is a their version of MS Word (YouEditor). But its simplicity is also its plus point. If you’re looking for an online tool where you can fetch your documents easy and edit them, this is your tool. There’s a chat room where you can interact with other YouOS users. I checked it out but all I got where people saying “hello” and “help”. You can also launch their own web browser called the “Wherewolf”. Another WebBrowser is also available called the YouBrowser and the BittyBrowser although YouBrowser doesn’t seem to work most of the time. If you’re not content with the things that you can do in your YouOS, you can still add other applications that can be installed as soon as you click on them.

Here’s a tip: Try these things out for fun for now. The internet is still trying to adapt to these new web toys, we’re not sure if they are safe enough to store important files. What’s important is to try these out and know that there’s an alternative to your native Desktop.

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