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The Stresses and Strains in Computer Game Development

The Stresses and Strains in Computer Game Development

In spite of some popular beliefs, the people who make video console games are not working in a carefree environment. Video game firms and their staff have to address a considerable number of internal and external issues. These issues, unavoidably, lead directly to various disorders and mental issues. In extreme cases, they may even develop initial symptoms of arthritis. I will get you know about difficulties and stress in computer development.

Stress in computer development

For major computer game corporations, or those that already have strong footholds in the sector, the stress can come from performance anxiety. Pressure is exerted on these corporations to up the ante since they currently have a name for quality and fun in terms of computer game design.

Game-players became accustomed to the high standards of prior game offerings and, naturally, they expect an increased level of quality from new versions or the newest games. This recurring requirement for something new and better, mixed with the often unstable nature of the modern business environment causes performance anxiety from the video game developers to the humble programmers, even up to the producers who make the rules in game development.

For other corporations, it is not the corporation's reputation that's at stake. Their own stressor is the drive to to outclass their own prior offerings. Outdoing their own product is just their obsession. A notable example of this is Blizzard, the developer and publisher of the “Warcraft” and “Starcraft” games. Both games were famous for making the best of technology existing at the time, as well as being some of the finest games in the Realtime Strategy (RTS) genre. In South Korea, “Starcraft” is still played heavily notwithstanding being having been released over ten years ago. Buckling under the pressure, some anonymous staff have reported that if Blizzard management didn't implement an open time frame for releasing follow ups to the above games (in prinicple, to ensure quality), most employees would have suffered from extreme cases of performance anxiety. This has resulted in Blizzard, as a corporation gaining a rep for taking about a decade to produce a follow-up to one of their titles due to problem with staff learning how to deal with anxiety and the pressure.

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Naturally, it is not simply the mind that is worked and drained by being in the video game industry. The body is just as big a target for a bunch of issues, as the mind is. In fact , games still have to be designed, the concepts have to be developed, and the beta releases must be driven through a thorough quality testing process.

For the visible and auditory side of the games, the most likely problem would likely be muscle pain and headaches. Some have reported signs of arthritis. Artwork for video games goes thru multiple processes, and it's not entirely unusual for artists to get asked to rush through the art idea for the game.

For smaller companies, one or two artists might be given strict cut offs for the concept art of more than one project. The rapid pace of drawing makes them subject to muscle pain, while the recurring thinking and visual analysis may cause headaches.

Another section of the company which will suffer from muscle pain would be the programming team. Games need to be coded, with each work of art and every bit of story converted into a language that the PCs and consoles can understand. Most people are not aware of exactly how much goes into even a simple video game like “Tetris” far less some of the 80-hour long epics produced by SquareEnix, a major Japanese game developer.

This is further complex when there are numerous possible interactions within the game’s context, ranging from character creation options to how categorical in-game capabilities have interaction with one another. Now, top that off with a deadline, and you're all set to see programmers afflicted by symptoms of arthritis, possibly with migraine headaches as the spiteful cherry on top.

Headaches are also far from alien when it comes to the quality assurance groups, who are tasked with playing the beta versions of the games. Beta versions are unreleased, incomplete versions of the game that need in depth testing to see if everything works. Aside from that, the quality team must also check on the other game elements, eg difficulty or the plot. Since the beta versions are unfinished, there are naturally a number of graphical issues, some of which have been observed to cause migraine headaches.

For millions of game players around the globe, they enjoy the virtual worlds without even knowing the huge pressure and many headaches that came in designing their favourite video console games. For most children, playing video games is pure fun. But for the game-makers, developing video console games isn't play time whatsoever.

So, I hope now you know about "The Stresses and Strains in Computer Game Development". If you have suggestion, opinion or review about these, feel free to share by commenting in comment box below.
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