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Top 4 Best Android apps to manage your budget

Creating a budget is an act of integrating your earnings and expenses so that they help in deciding where your money is going and how to have control on your finances. Make sure you prepare a budget that is realistic in nature which helps in reaching your financial goals. Creating a budget plan and sticking to it seems an overwhelming task but fortunately there are a plenty of Android Apps that help in managing your budget. So, there ere the "Top 4 Best Android apps to manage your budget."

Top 4 Best Android apps that can helps you to manage your budget:

EasyMoney app

This is one of the best budget planner and expense tracker’s available. Especially designed for android phones, it has a powerful user interface that helps the user to track and stick to their budget. This app combines all the features of bills reminders and chequebook manager features which are very useful in managing one’s personal finance.

Some key features include:

  • Track expense in multiple currencies

  • Can split individual transactions into various categories

  • Imports transaction data to CSV file format

  • Provides 4-digit passcode to secure your personal data.


This app provides a convenient way to manage your money and keep track of your budget; it automatically places all your financial information into one place. The bill reminder option in mint can help in notifying your upcoming payments such as mortgage, bad debt loan, credit card bills etc. It is very simple and easy to get started.

Some features of this app are:

  • It personalises user recommendations

  • Uses 128-bit encryption to provide security

  • Compares your spending periodically

  • Auto categorization.


This app keeps track of your daily expenses which help in monitoring your cash flow. This app has variety of customisable options so that you can use them in a variety of finance management applications. It supports multiple accounts, including investments, credit cards, cash flow and so on.

Some key features include:

  • Provides an easy way to add manual transactions.

  • Generates reports and graphs

  • It can back up your financial data to Dropbox or SD card.

  • Converts transactions to different currencies.


This app has wide range of features that help to keep track of all your bills and is one of the best finance tracking tools available on the Android market. The design supports most used currencies and tracks both incoming and outgoing transactions. If you are looking for the best financial app to manage your business and personal finances then this app could be the right financial tool for you.

Some key features include:

  • Easy to navigate

  • Helps to restore your old data

  • Supports multiple accounts

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