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Top 9 best free tools and website to convert speech into text online

Many times we have to write/type bulk paragraphs. Specially in case of writers, bloggers, content writer. It is very difficult to type continuously and it consumes lot of time. So, we made this article to free you from those difficulties of typing. By following these tools/Apps/websites you can convert spoken words, speech and voice to texts with accuracy. If you have any doubt regarding these Apps' accuracy, then I want to tell you that I have written this article by speech recognition websites that I have listed below. This is the list about "Top 9 best free tools and website to convert speech into text online".

Top 9 best free tools and website to convert speech into text online:

Top 9 best free tools and website to convert speech into text online
Top 9 best free tools and website to convert speech into text online

Dragon home

Everyone from students to employees will utilize this product bundle since it is one in all the best voice-to-text apps. Intended for PC, this program causes you accomplish more work as you can direct homework, convey messages, record updates thus substantially more just by voice. On your laptop, Dragon Home incorporates your particular voice and aides inside the translation of your voice messages to text with ninety nine accuracy. You can make voice commands and use them to access and control your PC's activities.

The product adds these voice commands to altering features to guarantee that text is given precisely quickly you give the speech accentuation and arranging choices you browse the tools the program offers. Dragon is good with the two Windows and Mac and incorporates commands which enable you to have the option to arrange and alter all text just by utilizing your voice and furthermore incorporates custom commands for laptop activities and file interpretation.


Simply reorder the text you wish to convert to speech into the text box and click convert text. Or on the other hand, transfer any bolstered archive, website, blog, and so forth and click convert file or the listen button.

All you must attempt to do is kick back and tune in. iSpeech does the majority of the work for you. In the event that you transfer a file and once your file is converted, it will auto-play. You can transfer it, webcast it or possibly embed it as partner object on any webpage that supports hypertext increase language including: MySpace, Blogger, EBay, and so on.

Speech blogger

One of Speechnotes' best features is worked in automatic accentuation, which causes transcription to go a lot quicker. You should utilize Speechnotes in Chrome, yet they additionally offer a free Android app that you can discover on Google Play that has some magnificent mobile features.

Google Assistant

Indeed, you read it right. Google Assistant will bounty, including playing music and opening maps. One of its best features? Voice acknowledgment. Truly, you can utilize voice order to look into data and reveal to Google Assistant to do certain things. Be that as it may, the app may likewise convert speech to text. It sends messages, drafts messages, oversees errands, and adds occasions to your schedule. While it is anything but a speech to text app inside the most perfect sense, despite everything it'll encourage arrange your thoughts and notes with voice acknowledgment.

Use IFTTT (If This Then That) to expand your Google Assistant note-taking aptitudes. In one applications program, Google Assistant can log the majority of your notes into a spreadsheet. You can likewise scan IFTTT for other efficiency boosting applets or make your own as you see fit.

In case you're scanning for a simple anyway right voice transcription tool for free of charge, it's debilitating to beat Speechlogger's Speechnotes. Like LilySpeech, Speechnotes uses Google Chrome's Web Speech API usefulness, which is among the most precise speech acknowledgment programs accessible.


In case you're scanning for somewhat higher results on-line in audio to text change, 360converter offers a basic dashboard tool. It bolsters both audio and video. The results can be downloaded as a word file or PDF. There are restrictions for the freeware, be that as it may.

While the product is adequate to decipher discussions and prerecorded speeches, you wouldn't get proficient results.


Speechnotes encourages you to convert voice into text utilizing your mobile gadget. On the off chance that your audio source is on an alternate gadget, you can utilize standard speech-to-text apps on your phone to decipher the audio. Speechnotes could be a very appraised automaton app that will a genuinely decent translation.

This procedure is totally free and gives almost right results to audio files. In any case, you'll have the option to exclusively take notes one by one and can't interpret the results into the audio or video supply.


Sonix.ai is an online app to trascribe audio. The free preliminary incorporates half-hour of free audio to text change. I believe it's sufficient for an incidental use. The engineers give a total access to every one of the features with no charge card required. The main thing you need is to join, you may do this with your Google account just in one click.


Trint is a quite direct administration that automatically deciphers the audio files you transfer, and sends you a transcript. Trint encourages you to transfer a file thus deciphers it on the net - when it's done (which relies upon the length of the audio file), you'll get an email refreshing you, so you can close the window and do other work in the in the interim. It didn't require much investment however - a 10 moment file took pretty much four minutes to process.

Be that as it may, Trint doesn't simply give a text file. Rather, once deciphering, it gives a ground-breaking text editor that allows you to tune in to the playback while altering the text.


As Evernote utilizes the inalienable automaton speech acknowledgment programming bundle, the app expects you to be associated with a system to utilize it. The audio and PC file territory unit spared along to permit you to trace down a note extra essentially.

There are choices to act with various Evernote clients like in-app chat. Another free application, Evernote has been downloaded by more than 1,000,000 clients from the Google Play Store.

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