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VentureBeat is the destination and designed to provide latest tech news, tech reviews, smartphones comparison, tech facts, gadgets, economy etc. VentureBeat was founded on June, 2019 by Rahul. This website is developed and handled by an individual.


My name is Rahul and I'm from Punjab, India. My age is 18 years old and I'm very passionate about blogging and I was wanted to become a blogger from my childhood. For this purpose, I created many free website/blog ex:- androidgamestudio.ml, technorm.ml and iamrjrahul.blogspot.com .  admire many website/blogs such as venturebeat.com, shoutmeloud.com, techburner.in, techcrunch.com and many more and I made this website for tech related articles.


VentureBeat aims is to grow, providing quality content to our visitors, winning their trust so they can visit regularly to being in touch with us. We also aims to become leading technology website/blog in the world in next few years.